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Bringing your yard to life


Now that the framework is in place, this is where we begin working on the softscape portion of your yard, which includes all of the trees, shrubs, plants, and ground cover.

We begin by installing a complete irrigation system to assure that all your plantings get the proper amount of water, and run electrical wiring for your landscape lighting that will illuminate your yard's features.

Next, we prepare the soil for planting which may include removing the existing dirt and bringing in the proper planting material for your yard and climate. If your design includes wood structures such as gazebos, arbors, or decks, they will also be completed during this phase of your project.

Your pre-selected trees, shrubs, plants, and ground cover will be planted and begin to grow. By taking the time with you to select the appropriate plantings, not just for the look, but for the climate and growth (speed and size), your yard will continue to flourish for many years to come.

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