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For a surface solid as...

Whether it's sidewalks providing clean access to your yard, a patio for entertaining, or just sitting and relaxing, your concrete is your landscape's foundation. With many options and looks to choose from, including shapes, textures, and colors, your concrete design will be unique to your yard.

What you see on the surface is only part of the story, and what's under the surface is just as important. We begin by preparing the ground to allow for the best possible surface to build on. This may include removing the existing soil and replacing it with the appropriate material for your area based on likelihood of ground movement.

Now that we have a surface to build on we provide for drainage which may include a drainage pipe system imbedded in the concrete, and the incorporation of your downspouts. Conduits placed under the concrete for the existing project, and anticipated future needs, will provide water and electrical access to different areas of your yard.

Although nothing can completely eliminate the chance of a crack, we provide the best concrete mixture available. In addition, we reinforce our concrete with wire mesh, or steal so that if a crack were to appear, the additional reinforcement would help prevent it from widening.

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